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The 5 Best Deep Tissue Percussion Massagers – [2020 Reviews]

Our Editors independently research, test, and rate what we feel are the best products. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

Stress can be hard to escape sometimes. Not too long ago, we were able to go to work or school, do our thing, and go home and separate ourselves from it. Now that we have smartphones and laptops at every turn, these potential stressors follow us everywhere.

Want an easy way to take the edge off and get rid of some of that stress?

Then check out one of the best deep tissue massagers. They can relieve muscle tension, reduce back pain, and even make your skin look better!

We’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Below, you’ll find the top 5 products currently on the market!

Best Deep Tissue Percussion Massagers

RxGun QUIETec Vibration Percussion MassagerPUREWAVE CM-05 Percussion Therapy MassageTimTam Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager
Speed Settings:34 1
Weight:4.2 Pounds1.65 Pounds4 Pounds
Rating:4.7 / 5.04.4 / 5.04.0 / 5.0

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Deep Tissue Percussion Massagers

  1. RxGun QUIETec Vibration Cordless Percussion Massager
  2. PUREWAVE CM-05 Percussion Therapy Massager
  3. TimTam Power Massager v1.5
  4. Arealer Handheld Massager
  5. Intelitopia Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun

We’ve reviewed the top rated percussion massagers followed by a comparison table and buying guide to help you decide on a massager that will work best for you.

Deep Tissue Percussion Massager Reviews

#1 RxGun QUIETec Vibration Cordless Percussion Massager

rollator walker

If you’re serious about muscle relief, the RxGun QUIETec deep tissue massager could be just the machine you’re looking for.

Made to boost lymphatic flow and reduce lactic acid, you won’t have that intense pain and tension that you unfortunately may be used to.

What really made this model stand out to us, was that it has a whopping 6 different speed settings. In fact, this is the first model to offer 6 settings, so if you’re looking for versatility, this one can’t be beat.

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The settings also adjust amplitude and torque to create a deep kneading experience that will quickly work out stubborn knots and soothe trigger points.

Perhaps the main benefit we received from so many settings, was that you could find the perfect one for various parts of the body.

For example, we used the highest setting on the back and trapezius area, but there’s no way we would use that on more sensitive parts of the body.

Coming with four massage heads, you can easily switch them out and make sure you reach each painful spot on your body with ease for instant relief.

Weighing in at less than a few pounds and combined with an adjustable arm, no sore spot will be able to hide! For these reasons, it’s easily become the best deep tissue massager for the entire body in our eyes.


RxGun QUIETec Professional Deep Muscle Massager at a Glance:

  • Heads: 5
  • Speed Settings: 3
  • Weight: 4.2 Pounds
  • Adjustable Arm: Yes

#2 PUREWAVE CM-05 Percussion Therapy Massage

The CM5 by Purewave is one of the most powerful, best percussion massagers currently available on the market. Despite being so strong, it’s great at soothing muscles and instantly melting away stress.

The unit provides professional-grade massages, and you can take it just about wherever you’d like: the office, at home, or on vacation.

The 3700RPM massager features various speed settings, so you can select the perfect treatment for your body.

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If you need something aggressive to break up the tension, then choose one of the top two settings.

If you’re using it for a more relaxed muscle recovery after the gym, then select one of the lower options which will provide a soothing joint massage.

Three different attachments are included in the package: a 6-head stick, an air cushion stick, and a point stick.

The 6-head stick works to boost blood flow, which can lower recovery time and relief stiffness in major muscle groups. If you’re into yoga and improving your flexibility, this attachment can help.

The air cushion stick is probably the most gentle attachment, providing a softer point of contact. This one is ideal for sensitive joints and tendons – particularly the smaller ones found in the wrists or feet.

Use it on more vulnerable areas of the body, such as the knees and around the shoulders to avoid overworking them.

The point stick is definitely abrupt, but it will get the job done. It works to break up adhesions and help soothe trigger points.

If that weren’t enough, you get all of that into one convenient, cordless design. No more having to stay plugged into the wall, thanks to the Li-ion battery which provides up to a whole 2 hours of use from one hour of charge.

PUREWAVE CM-05 Percussion Therapy Massager at a Glance:

  • Heads: 3
  • Speed Settings: 4
  • Weight: 1.65 lbs
  • Adjustable Arm: No

#3 TimTam Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager

The TimTam Power Massager 1.5 is probably the most well-known deep tissue percussion massager currently.

Endorsed by huge athletes such as George St. Pierre and Firas Zahabi, there’s no questioning whether it works. The question is whether it’s the best deep tissue massager machine for you.

It’s normal for us as humans to judge things based on their “cover” and when we first saw this machine we realized it looked an awful lot like a power tool.

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If you can get past this, then you’re well on your way to a soothing experience.

Aligning with its appearance, the machine is quite powerful – reaching up to 2,000 strokes per minute. IF you’re dealing with tight knots in your muscles, this thing will pound them out in no time.

To get it going, simply pull the trigger. What’s nice about this type of operation is that you don’t have to use your own force to apply pressure to the spot in question. The TimTam will do all the work for you.

The massager only comes, by default, with one tip/attachment, though there are many more options available. There’s a flat tip, a softer rubber tip great for smaller spots and trigger points, as well as a hot tip you can heat in the microwave, and a cold tip for the freezer.

Each one has their place, and can help create a comprehensive therapy routine for you with a thoroughness that many others cannot achieve.

The 90-degree articulating head aids in this.

The downsides?

First, is the price. It’s undoubtedly one of the most expensive, though it is also the most durable. Next, is the fact that there’s only one speed setting. However, the one that is available works well for just about anything.


TimTam Power Massager v1.5 at a Glance:

  • Heads: 1
  • Speed Settings: 1
  • Weight: Less than 4 pounds
  • Adjustable Arm: No

#4 Arealer Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massage

If you want one of the best handheld deep tissue massagers, you don’t have to empty your bank account for it. The Arealer Handheld Massager is the perfect example of that.

The convenient design offers 5 attachments and 5 speed settings, all easily charged with a touch charging feature. No more wires needed!

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The motor is surprisingly strong for how affordable it is, reaching up to 36000rmp! This allows the massage to dig deep into the affected areas, creating more noticeable results.

A feature not commonly seen, is the infrared rays this model utilizes to increase efficacy of the massage. The light works by penetrating the tissue, and promoting circulation to reduce recovery time.

The 5 included massage heads make it so you can use this machine just about anywhere on your body, but we think it works best on the cervical spine, neck ligaments, and muscles.

As you have to apply force yourself, you may find it difficult to use on other parts.


Arealer Handheld Massager at a Glance:

  • Heads: 5
  • Speed Settings: 5
  • Weight: Less than 3 pounds
  • Adjustable Arm: No

#5 Intelitopia Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Finally, we have another model that’s quite similar to the first on our list. The Intelitopia is a top-of-the-line, best handheld percussion massager that gives your body a lot of options for recovery and relief.

The 3-speed design combines frequency, amp, and torque to give you the option to completely customize your experience.

The cordless unit comes with 3 different tips, so you can best target and treat every part of your body the way it deserves. Increase circulation, reduce recovery time, and loosen up those muscles.

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The ball attachment is great for smaller muscles groups, while the large one is ideal for the legs and upper back. The cone is great for treating joints, ligaments, and other sensitive areas.

While you do have to use your own force to go harder, the ergonomically-designed handle minimizes external forces. The TPE grip reduces hand cramping and fatigue, too, to make it a more pleasant time.

One thing that was a problem with most models, was the amount of noise they produced. The Intelitopia is one of the quietest models, so you can use it late at night or early in the morning without disturbing anyone around you.


Intelitopia Li-Ion Cordless Percussion Massager at a Glance:

  • Heads: 4
  • Speed Settings: 3
  • Weight: 2.2 Pounds
  • Adjustable Arm: No

Deep Tissue Percussion Massager Comparison

Deep Tissue MassagerHeadsSpeed SettingsWeightRating
RxGun QUIETec Vibration Cordless Percussion Massager534.2 Pounds4.6 / 5.0
PUREWAVE CM-05 Percussion Therapy Massage341.65 Pounds4.5 / 5.0
TimTam Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager1 1Less than 4 pounds3.8 / 5.0
Arealer Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massage 5 5Less than 3 pounds4.6 / 5.0
Intelitopia Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun432.2 Pounds5.0 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

best percussion massager

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read about each of the best deep tissue massagers, have you chosen the proper machine for you? If not, that’s normal. There’s a lot that goes into choosing one, and if you’ve never used on before, you may not know what to look for.

That’s why we’ve decided to write up an in-depth buying guide; so you are completely happy with your selection.

Power Source

First off, decide where you’re going to be using your handheld massager.

Electrical /110V

These are the models that have a cord. If you’re going to be using your massager in the comfort of your own home, you may want to opt for this type as they give more powerful consistency.

However, if the cord isn’t long enough for you, then they can cause even more pain in the neck than you already have! Sure, you can always add in an extension cord, but it could also interfere with changing the massager’s position where you’d like it.


We live in the age of rechargeable products, so for many, this will be the more natural option. The upside to these, is that they’re obviously portable and can be used just about anywhere. However, they aren’t going to give you much life with just one charge.

Attachments / Heads

You don’t absolutely need to have more than one attachment available, but it can definitely add to the experience. For example, the default head that comes with most isn’t going to be ideal for large muscle groups and small, more sensitive parts of the body such as vulnerable tendons.

There are even some models that are compatible with heads that can be frozen in the freezer, or heated up in the microwave to penetrate even deeper into the muscles.

Speed / Intensity

Obviously, the more speed and intensity options you have the more versatility you get. In addition, if you’ve never used one before, then you may not know if you have thick or thin skin. If you have thin skin and you only have one speed option, like with the TimTam, then it could end up being too intense/painful for you.

Also keep in mind that not every part of the body receives the same amount of intensity the same way. Some require less power, such as around the knees and around the shoulder joints and bones.


The weight of the handheld massager can directly affect its versatility. It’s important to note that most are made to be a bit heavier to make the motor more stable when it’s operating at higher speeds. This is so it doesn’t start flying everywhere and become unsafe. However, you don’t want it to be too heavy, as it will then be difficult for you to hold it for longer periods of time and possibly have the opposite effect.

Heating Options

There aren’t too many on our list, but massagers which feature an additional heating option can give even quicker results when used in conjunction with pressure. The infrared lights penetrate the targeted area, and can boost the soothing effects. These are perfect to use after a tough workout.


How much are you willing to spend on the best handheld deep tissue massager for you? Think up a solid budget and try to stick to it. This way, you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse which can easily happen if you spend more than you wanted.

Take into consideration that models over $200 do tend to last significantly longer than the more affordable options. While it’s not a rule, the more expensive machines are usually made with higher quality materials and constructed with more precision. You also generally get more power behind the motor and more speed/intensity options that go along with that.

FAQs About Deep Tissue Massagers

Q: What are the health benefits of my new massager?

Aside from soothing and relaxing tight muscles, there are many other benefits. They can lessen the stress on your entire body, and relax your mind, too. If you are trying to become more flexible or improve your yoga skills, it can help warm up muscles and loosen up bonds to make this more accessible. In addition, it boosts circulation which not only aids in muscle recovery but can also make your skin look better.

Q: How do percussive massagers help with workout recovery?

They vary a bit, but generally speaking, they keep the fascia from tightening. They also aid in increased circulation, which can help to more quickly transport nutrients and oxygen to the muscle cells to speed up recovery.

Q: Can I use my massager daily?

Absolutely, unless your physician indicates otherwise. In fact, daily use can positively affect your mood, reduce stress and muscle soreness, and increase flexibility.

Q: Can I use my percussive massager safely anywhere on my body?

No. While the vast majority of the body will respond well to the massager, you must take proper precautions around certain areas such as the back and sides of the neck. These feature major arteries, as well as various nerves and other delicate areas. Never use it on the throat area, inflamed tissues, or serious injuries like cuts and broken bones. It’s also a good idea to steer clear of any lumps and cysts, and never use them on your face or head. If you have any doubts, give your doctor a call.

Tips For Using Your Deep Tissue Massager

#1: To take your experience to the next level, try incorporating lotions and/or massage oils

Of course, make sure that the product can safely be used in conjunction with your massager. We really liked the three lotions that TimTam offers: Gliding, Cooling, and Heating.

#2: If you have sensitive skin, try using the percussive massager over clothing or other fabric

While the machines are designed to safely and comfortably be used on bare skin, some of us don’t like the feeling. All units should be safe to use over clothing.

#3: If you suffer from regular back or neck pain, avoid sleeping on your stomach and turning your head to one side

This can have a very negative affect on your neck and increase tension. Ideally, sleep on a hard surface, facing the roof/ceiling.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know just about everything you could want to about the best deep tissue percussive massagers, which one is the right one for you? We hope that our guide has helped you find the perfect model. We want to thank you for tuning in, and we’ll see you again shortly!


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