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The 5 Best Medical Shower Chairs – [2020 Reviews]

Our Editors independently research, test, and rate what we feel are the best products. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

You can check out our picks with detailed reviews below. Hopefully, our guide on How to Choose the Right Shower Seating Option will also be helpful to you!

Due to their incredible products and customer commitment, we have chosen all 5 of our picks for top-rated best shower seat for elderly, disabled, and injured patients from Drive Medical.

Best Medical Shower Chairs

Drive Medical Shower ChairDrive Medical Transfer BenchDrive Medical Bath Stool
HeightHeight adjustable seat from 16” – 20.5”
Height adjustable seat from 17.5” – 22.5”
Height adjustable seat from 13.5” – 21”
Weight350-pound weight capacity
400-pound weight capacity
300-pound weight capacity
Special FeaturesSeat handles, Drain holes in seat

Seat handle on one side, Drain holes

Impact-resistant composite seat
Customer Ratings4.3 / 5.0 Stars4.4 / 5.0 Stars4.4 / 5.0 Stars

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Quick Answer: The 5 Best-Rated Medical Shower Chairs & Benches – 2020

  1. Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair
  2. Drive Medical Plastic Transfer Bench
  3. Drive Medical Adjustable Height Bath Stool
  4. Drive Medical Bathroom Safety Seat & Shower Chair
  5. Drive Medical Bariatric Heavy Duty Bath Bench Seat

Medical Shower Chairs and Benches Reviews

Best Shower Chair

#1 – Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair

rollator walker

 Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair At A Glance:

  • Seat handles
  • Grips on handles
  • Seat back
  • Easy tool-free assembly
  • Height adjustable seat from 16” – 20.5”
  • Drain holes in seat
  • Seat height indicators
  • 350-pound weight capacity
  • Lightweight design
Our first Drive Medical shower chair pick is the Premium Series Shower Chair. This is also our pick for the overall best shower chair. This shower chair option is a great mixture of incredible quality, innovative design, and reasonable pricing. In regard to the cost, it comes in at about the middle of the list.

We have a couple of options that are pricier and a couple of options that are cheaper. What is unique about this shower chair is that all exposed parts are plastic.

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Most shower seating choices have exposed metal on the legs that can sometimes be very uncomfortable when your skin touches it. This chair has a nice cohesive look that is both comfortable and super easy to use.

Speaking of ease of use, the separate pieces of the Premium Series Shower Chair come apart and go back together easily without the need for any tools. This makes it possible for most users to put their chair together all on their own. It also greatly increases convenience when it comes to storage and portability options of the chair.

There are 8 individual pieces that come together to create this chair. Each piece either simply snaps or twists into place with minimal effort. The seat of this shower chair measures 16.5” deep and 21.75” wide. This allows almost anyone of any body shape and size to sit comfortably.

The weight limit of 350 pounds works well for most users. However, if you or your loved one is over 350 pounds, you’ll need to consider a better option for them that is designed to hold more weight.

The seat also features strong handles with special grips for increased stability and security. Holes on the seat allow water to easily drain to avoid pooling water staying on the chair as well as to avoid slipping around on the chair. The height of the bath seat is very easy to adjust by simply turning the legs.

Clear height indicators make adjustments even more simple and user-friendly. You can adjust the seat height anywhere from 16” up to 20.5” in half-inch increments. Another cool thing about this particular shower seat is that it features a very lightweight design while also being able to remain extremely strong and steady.

The wide legs are very stable and special non-slip feet help increase that stability and prevent potentially dangerous slipping. The back on the chair allows the user to lean back comfortably and safely. A simple white design matches almost all baths and showers.

This really is an excellent bath chair for elderly people or even just anyone with a temporary injury that needs some help shorter-term.

Best Shower Bench

#2 – Drive Medical Plastic Transfer Bench

 Drive Medical Plastic Transfer Bench At A Glance:

  • Seat handle on one side
  • Seat back
  • Drain holes
  • Suction cup feet inside the tub
  • Rubber tip feet outside the tub
  • Height adjustable seat from 17.5” – 22.5”
  • Aluminum legs and frame
  • Extra-wide bench seat
  • 400-pound weight capacity
The Drive Medical Plastic Transfer Bench is our favorite for the best shower bench. If you’re looking for the best shower transfer chair or rather shower transfer bench, this Drive Medical option is ideal. A bath transfer bench is an option of shower seating that goes a step further than other handicap shower chair options.

Rather than just providing safe seating space for the user, it actually assists the user at getting into the tub or shower.

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The way this works is that one end (2 legs) of the tub transfer bench stay outside of the tub altogether. The other 2 legs of the tub bench stay inside the shower.

This actually allows the user to sit down outside of the tub and then lift their legs in and carefully slide over on the shower bench seat until they are fully inside the shower. This helps with both entry and exit of the shower or bath.

The transfer bench comes with two different pairs of legs. The pair that will rest inside of the tub features large suction cups as the feet. This helps secure the legs in place to prevent sliding. The other set of legs feature rubber tips as feet.

This rests on the outside of the tub providing further stability. Each set of legs is able to be independently adjusted for height to best suit the needs of the user while also accommodating for the differing heights of the bathroom floor and the bottom of the tub.

The seat height can range from 17.5” to 22.5”. The wider bench seat also helps provide additional comfort, especially to larger individuals that may want a little more room. The aluminum legs are strong and lightweight for safety and convenience. It has a weight capacity a bit higher than the Premium Series Chair at 400 pounds.

On the end of the bench that stays inside of the shower, there is a safety handle that helps the user to efficiently and safely use the bench.

The handle and legs are also reversible. This means that it can accommodate any shower regardless of direction. Just like with the Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair, this transfer bench requires no tools for assembly or disassembly.

The biggest downfall with this option is that it is fairly pricey at twice the cost of the Premium Series Chair. Of course, the independence and safety it can provide to individuals that can’t get into the shower without help are priceless.

With quality materials and a smart design, there is no doubt that this Drive Medical option is the best shower transfer bench available!

Best Shower Stool

#3 – Drive Medical Adjustable Height Bath Stool

 Drive Medical Adjustable Height Bath Stool At A Glance:

  • Impact-resistant composite seat
  • 13” seat diameter
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Push pin cover for pinch-free adjustments
  • Height adjustable seat from 13.5” – 21”
  • Sturdy rubber feet
  • Leg support collars
  • 300-pound weight capacity
Our pick for the best shower stool is Drive Medical’s Adjustable Height Bath Stool. This amazing little bath stool is simple and effective.

This won’t be a great option for users that need a great deal of support, but it can be an excellent bath chair for elderly users that still have most of their independence yet need to be able to sit down in the shower.

It also makes a good choice for users that have certain injuries such as a broken leg or ankle that prevents them from standing in the shower but still allows them the full range of motion in the rest of their body.

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The stool features strong aluminum legs that are easily adjustable. The seat height of this shower seating option can be adjusted between 13.5” to 21”. So, it is able to get a good bit shorter than most shower chairs but can also get relatively tall as well.

The seat of the bath stool is 13” in diameter, so it certainly isn’t as wide as many options, but again, it is a good choice for someone that needs just some basic support to allow them to sit in the shower or tub.

The composite seat provides a comfortable resting place that is impact-resistant. The bath stool has a slightly lower maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. Wide rubber feet on the bottom of the legs help provide superior stability and reduce any chance of slipping.

Special support collars on the adjustable legs keep them securely in place without worry of wobbling or other movements. It also prevents annoying and/or concerning rattling sounds that you may experience without the support collars.

The adjustable legs also have another helpful feature – a pinch-free cover. This cover allows anyone to easily adjust the leg height without strain or fear of being pinched by the push pins that hold the legs in place.

With each adjustment, the push pin will make an audible clicking sound that indicates the leg is securely in place. Best of all, this stool is our most affordable pick and it should fit easily into nearly any budget.

Best Shower Seat

#4 – Drive Medical Bathroom Safety Seat & Shower Chair

 Drive Medical Bathroom Safety Seat & Shower Chair At A Glance:

  • Seat back
  • Handles built into the seat
  • Wide, curved seat
  • Drain holes
  • Height adjustable seat from 15.5” – 19.5”
  • Leg support collars
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Suction style rubber feet
The best shower seat pick is the Bathroom Safety Seat & Shower Chair from Drive Medical. This Drive Medical shower chair is quite a bit different than the Premium Series Chair that we first reviewed. First of all, this chair has an aluminum frame. This still allows the chair to remain lightweight while also being superiorly durable.

This chair has a higher weight limit compared to the first chair we reviewed at 400 pounds. That is equivalent to what the transfer bench we reviewed can hold.

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Like the Premium Series Chair, this option does also feature a seat back that increases stability and comfort for the user. Something else that varies between the two chairs, though, is the way the handles are attached. The handles on this Drive Medical chair are built into the seat itself rather than being attached separately.

This allows for a much more open seat design, which helps the user have more freedom of movement and comfort while still having those built-in handles to use for support whenever necessary.

The seat also curves upwards slightly at the sides to further increase comfort and provide a tiny bit of extra security as well. This is another shower seating option from Drive Medical that requires no tools for either assembly or disassembly.

That means that it is quite easy to store and transport whenever needed. It is also height adjustable and features the same support collars on the legs that you see on the Drive Medical Bath Stool.

The height range of this chair’s seat is 15.5” to 19.5” and it adjusts in 1” increments. The rubber tips on the end are wide and designed with a suction cup style that efficiently provides good stability while preventing slipping.

This option is similarly priced to the Premium Series Chair but is just slightly more affordable.

Best Bariatric Bath & Shower Seat

#5 – Drive Medical Bariatric Heavy Duty Bath Bench Seat

 Drive Medical Bariatric Heavy Duty Bath Bench Seat At A Glance:

  • Seat back
  • Handles built into seat
  • Curved seat
  • Drain holes
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • 500-pound weight limit
  • Euro-style clips for adjustment
  • Height adjustable seat from 14” – 19”
Our final best bath chair pick is the best bariatric bath & shower seat. This is the Drive Medical Bariatric Heavy Duty Bath Bench Seat. The biggest difference between this bath seat and the previously listed one is that this one is made to hold weights up to 500 pounds.

Since this is a bariatric shower chair, a lot more had to go into it in regard to design and materials. That leaves it close to the top of our list in regard to cost. It is just below the transfer bench as far as price goes.

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For that reason, if you are choosing a shower seating option for a user that is under 400 pounds, a different option may serve you better with the best value for your money. For users between 400 and 500 pounds, this is the ideal choice of shower seat.

The aluminum frame on this seat is lightweight and strong like other options, but this one has a special addition. There is a cross-section of aluminum that runs between each leg diagonally to the opposite leg. This provides the additional support needed to ensure the chair can safely hold weight up to the 500-pound maximum capacity.

Another relevant difference between this seat and our other top picks is the way the height adjusts. Rather than push pins, this seat adjusts with Euro-style clips. They are very easy to use and work great with supporting the higher weight limit of this chair. It does also feature a comfortable seat back for the user to lean on.

The seat itself is designed the same way as the previous option with built-in handles on the sides of the seat. It is also curved upwards on the sides and features drain holes in the center.

The only difference in the actual seat is that this option is a little bit larger to, again, help accommodate the larger individuals that need a bariatric bath seat such as this one. The seat height adjusts between 14” and 19”.

For safety purposes, this is definitely the option you should go with for individuals that don’t fall within the weight capacities of our other choices.

Medical Shower Chairs and Benches Comparison Table

PriceHeightWeightSpecial FeaturesCustomer Ratings
Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair$39.99Height adjustable seat from 16” – 20.5”
350-pound weight capacity
Seat handles, Drain holes in seat
4.3 / 5.0 Stars
Drive Medical Plastic Transfer Bench$50.99Height adjustable seat from 17.5” – 22.5”
400-pound weight capacity
Seat handle on one side, Drain holes
4.4 / 5.0 Stars
Drive Medical Adjustable Height Bath Stool$25.19Height adjustable seat from 13.5” – 21”
300-pound weight capacity
Impact-resistant composite seat
4.4 / 5.0 Stars
Drive Medical Bathroom Safety Seat & Shower Chair$38.07Height adjustable seat from 15.5” – 19.5”
400-pound weight capacity
Seat back, Drain holes

3.8 / 5.0 Stars
Drive Medical Bariatric Heavy Duty Bath Bench Seat$63.86Height adjustable seat from 14” – 19”
500-pound weight limit
Seat back, Drain holes

3.5 / 5.0 Stars

How to Choose the Right Shower Seating Option

If you’re searching for the best shower chair or best shower bench, then you’ve come to the right place. Losing your mobility can mean losing your independence and that isn’t something that anyone wants to go through.

Products like shower chairs for elderly, disabled, or injured people help you or your family member to maintain some independence even with more limited mobility.

medical shower chair

Independence with things like bathing is especially important for many people as it allows them more modesty that lets them feel more dignified. On our search for the best shower chair for elderly, disabled, or injured individuals we kept coming back to one brand – Drive Medical.

Drive Medical is a fast-growing home healthcare company that is committed to best-serving the needs of its customers for improved independence and quality of life.

So, you know you need a seating option for the shower, but you aren’t sure what option is best for you or your loved one.

This can be a common issue and choosing the wrong shower chair can cause issues with comfort, convenience, and even safety. Take into account the important considerations below to choose the right shower chair for your needs.

Weight Capacity

First off, safety is of the utmost importance – especially when it comes to a device meant to help an elderly, disabled, or injured person. So, the number one most important thing to look at with a shower seat is weight capacity!

You need to know the weight of the person that the seat is for and you need to compare it to the maximum weight capacity of each chair you consider.

The person that will use the shower chair MUST be under the weight limit to ensure safety. If the person is very close to the weight maximum of a chair, it’s probably safer to go ahead and choose a chair with a higher limit. That way you’re covered if the user gains weight.

Type of Seating

Once you’ve determined what weight limits will be suitable for your needs, you can start looking at other features. The type of seating you choose is extremely important, too. The type of seating that is right for a user is highly dependent on that user’s physical abilities.

For users that only need minimal assistance, a shower stool provides a convenient and inexpensive option. A regular shower chair with a back and handles is great for those that need a bit more support and assistance.

Users that require a large amount of help getting in and out of the tub or shower will get the most benefit from a shower transfer bench.

Seat Height

Finally, seat height is another helpful factor to consider when choosing a shower chair. What seat height is right for someone will be based on that person’s height and their personal preference of what is comfortable. The configuration of the bath or shower that the seat will be in is also relevant.

Most shower seats are height adjustable and offer a wide enough range of heights that anyone can find the right height for them. However, if you need something specifically very tall or very short, you’ll want to look at the ranges more carefully.

Shower Chair FAQs

What is a shower chair used for?

A shower chair is a specialized seating device made specifically for use inside a shower or bathtub. They are made to withstand water and provide a safe place for users to sit while they bathe. They can help people that would be unable to bathe themselves otherwise to be more independent in their own care and hygiene.

Examples of people that may benefit from a shower chair would be anyone that is elderly, disabled, or currently injured. Basically, anyone that may have trouble or be unable to get into the shower easily or stand during their shower easily should consider a shower chair.


Are shower chairs safe?

Shower chairs are completely safe when used properly. Caution should always be exercised when entering and exiting a shower or tub regardless of the use of a shower chair or not. When used properly, a shower chair increases overall safety for shower and tub use.


Will I need help to use my shower chair?

A shower chair can provide bathing independence for many users. However, some people with more limited physical abilities may need additional help to use their shower chair and bathe themselves. This is very personal for each person and varies greatly among different users. You will need to decide for yourself if help is necessary for you to safely use your shower chair.

Buyer’s Tips for Shower Seating

You may be wondering why we chose to only review Drive Medical shower chairs for this guide. Upon our research, we discovered that Drive Medical dominates this market for quality, price, convenience, and available options.

Whether you are looking for the best shower chair bench, a great shower chair with arms, or a simple and inexpensive shower stool, Drive Medical has you covered with well-made products that are safe, durable, and convenient. We feel strongly that you are in good hands with them. If you still aren’t sure, feel free to check out the shower chair Amazon reviews for yourself.

Speaking of Amazon, it is one of our top suggestions for purchasing your shower chair. They tend to have hard-to-beat prices, fast and often free shipping, as well as reliable customer service. It’s never a bad idea to compare retailers, though, before you make your purchase.

Regardless of which chair you chose or where you end up purchasing from, we hope that you’ll soon gain a greater level of independence, and therefore increased quality of life, with your new shower chair!


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