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Why You Can Trust Us

Our Content

Health & Wellness 365 contains 3 kinds of articles: round-up product reviews, “how-to” articles, and informative articles.

Round-up product reviews inform our readers about the top-rated and best-quality health and wellness products they can use to improve their health and wellness. Each review focuses on a specific category of health and wellness products. For example, we have articles about the best nurses’ shoes for health professionals, the best electric wheelchairs, and the best neck massagers.

For each round-up product review, our team of experts will consider a large number of products in that category before whittling the list down to a reasonable number of between 5 and 7 choices. These products are selected by our professional reviewer following extensive research.

The reviewer will also consider the opinion of healthcare professionals, feedback from customers, and the results of field testing. The selected products will then be reviewed in-depth in the article.

The reviews will compare the main features of each product within the given category. The features considered important are heavily dependent upon the given product type.

For example, when considering the best folding exercise bikes, the reviewer considered the number of resistance levels offered, the maximum weight capacity of the bike, the actual weight of the bike, its size, how easy it was to fold, and any special features each exercise bike might possess.

After considering the features of each product within a category, our reviewer will often make a range of recommendations to readers. For example, one product out of the group may be identified as the best for a reader on a tight budget.

Another may be ideal for a heavier reader. The reviewer will also identify the single product that they believe offers the best value for our readers. We call this top product our Editor’s Choice.

Our “how-to” articles provide simple instructions to our readers about the ways they can improve their own health and wellness. For example, we have articles about how to create a fitness plan and how to make your home suitable for elderly people. By providing simple guidelines about how something worthwhile can be achieved, we hope to improve our readers’ lives.

Informative articles offer our readers information about a health and wellness topic. For example, readers can learn about the post-operative mobility options, the advancements in TENS technology, and the kinds of back brace available to alleviate lower back pain. Informative articles do not tell our readers how to do something. Instead, they offer general information about a health topic.

We make all our articles as clear, helpful, informative, and objective as possible. We aim to help our readers rather than confuse them.

Our Process

Here at Health & Wellness 365, we are proud of our professional writing team. We can boast a highly motivated group of writers and reviewers who produce high-quality content.

All our contributors have a special interest in health and wellness, and you’ll find that reflected in the high quality of the engaging content they produce. Each of them is passionate about improving our readers’ quality of life, health, and wellness. When assigning a topic to a writer, we ensure that the author has expertise about and real-life experience of the health and wellness topic or health product concerned.

However, nobody can know everything there is to know about a particular topic. That is why our writers research each topic before writing and gather expert opinions and customer opinions before reaching their conclusions. Some more complex topics may be co-written by two or more authors in collaboration to ensure that the content we produce is as authoritative and accurate as possible.

But that is not the end of our process. Each article that we publish passes through an editorial process before being released to our readers. The facts are double-checked and the text rendered as clear as possible to ensure that our readers are edified by the content rather than misled or confused.

Health Products & Revenue

Health & Wellness 365 does not receive payments from manufacturers when we review their health products. We do not receive compensation when we place their products in our articles. Although we may receive samples of health and wellness products from manufacturers to test, these are not solicited and will not prejudice our editorial independence.

Our revenue is generated from affiliate links. When readers click on a link on our website and then purchase a health product, the seller may pay us a small commission. This commission does not increase the price a reader pays for the health product. However, this commission does make it possible for us to continue reviewing health and wellness products and publishing informative content.

We never mislead our readers about the pros and cons of a health product. For example, we would never claim that a poorly designed electric wheelchair could ascend a steep ramp when we knew it could not. We would not even do that if the wheelchair in question were expensive and we would earn a large commission.

We would never do that because it would ruin the good reputation that we have worked so hard to earn. Such a loss in respect would lead to a reduction in readership. Since we depend upon our readers to earn commissions, this would destroy our business. We always aim to publish clear, accurate, honest, and helpful articles because such content is as beneficial to us as it is to our readers.

Our Philosophy

We provide our readers with up-to-date information about health and wellness topics and products because we believe this information will empower our readers to make changes in their lives and improve their lifestyle. We want our readers to live the best life they can.

We hope that our readers will exercise more (but not too much) and eat sensibly so that they can enjoy a more active life for longer. However, before our readers begin a program of physical exercise, they should consult with their physician to ensure that they are fit enough to begin the proposed fitness plan. This is even more important if the reader suffers from any medical conditions.

However, reading informative articles is no substitute for visiting a physician or a hospital. If our readers believe they are seeing the early signs of diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, osteoporosis, or any other condition, they must seek professional medical advice from a qualified physician or at a medical center. Please, do not leave it too late. As soon as you see any signs of deteriorating health, seek professional medical help.

Giving Is Better Than…

Health & Wellness 365 believes that the health and wellness of all people are important whether they are rich or poor. That is why we support the good work of Feeding America. Feeding America is a charity helping those who cannot help themselves across our nation.

When we hear that there are children in America who go to bed hungry, we are shocked and disturbed. There is enough food for everyone, but it needs to be distributed fairly so that everyone can enjoy the feeling of a full stomach.

We hope that our readers will look into the great work that Feeding America is doing and perhaps consider making a small donation of their own to help feed those less fortunate than themselves.

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