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Top 5 Best Mobility Scooters – [2020 Reviews]

Our Editors independently research, test, and rate what we feel are the best products. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

To help you make the right decision when purchasing the best mobility scooter for you needs see our top-rated reviews and our buyer’s guide called How to Choose the Right Mobility Scooter for You.

We believe that almost everyone can find their perfect match right here on our list of the Best Mobility Scooters!

Best Mobility Scooters

Drive Medical Scout SpitfireTravel Pro Premium by PrideGO-GO Ultra X Scooter
Wheels4 wheels
3 wheels
3 wheels
SpeedTop speed of 4.25mph
Top speed of 4mph
Top speed of 4mph
Special Features24V motor, 3 seat heights

2 12V batteries, Folding electric scooter seat

12AH batteries,
9-mile drive range
Customer Ratings4.3 / 5.0 Stars4.5 / 5.0 Stars4.1 / 5.0 Stars

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Quick Answer: The 5 Best-Rated Mobility Scooters – [2020]

  1. Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter
  2. Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter by Pride
  3. GO-GO Ultra X 3-Wheel Electric Travel Scooter Pride Mobility SC40X
  4. Pride Maxima – 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Bariatric Scooter
  5. BUZZAROUND EX Extreme 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Long Range Travel Scooter

Best Mobility Scooters Reviews

Best Mobility Scooter (Overall)

#1 – Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 4 Wheel Scooter

rollator walker

 At A Glance:

  • 4 wheels
  • Top speed of 4.25mph
  • 24V motor
  • Included charger
  • Quick-connect battery-pack
  • 3 seat heights
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable tiller
  • Wrap-around steering handles
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • Interchangeable color panels
Our top pick for the best mobility scooter overall is this awesome 4 wheel mobility scooter from Drive Medical. This company is hard to beat with a consistent record of quality products at affordable prices.

They are a customer-focused company that aims to combine innovation and value in a way that helps to increase mobility, safety, and overall quality of life for its customers.

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This Scout Spitfire travel mobility scooter is an excellent motorised scooter that really does combine amazing features with an affordable price. This makes it perfect for users that need a good electric mobility scooter but can’t afford to throw nearly a thousand or even over a thousand dollars at it.

Just one of the great things about this particular power scooter is the way that it so efficiently adjusts to fit the specific user comfortably. There are quite a few individual features that adjust to help make the user as comfortable as possible.

The stadium-style seat has 3 different height settings which make it work well for people of almost all heights. The seat is also cushioned and upholstered to help increase comfort.

The armrests on the seat are easy to flip up and out of the way to make it easy for the user to get on and off of their motor scooter. Another really helpful feature with the armrests is that you can actually adjust the width, or how far they come out from the seat of the scooter.

This works great to increase comfort and usability for users of different sizes that may need more or less room than others.

The tiller (the post that houses the handles and controls) is also easily adjustable. This lets you put it in the perfect position for your specific needs and comfort level.

The steering handle has a wrap-around design with comfort padding that makes driving simple and easy even for those users that may have more limited dexterity. A throttle control with an ergonomic design further increases ease of use.

The 4 tires on this Drive Medical scooter are flat-free and feature special anti-tip technology to increase safety as well as convenience. On the front of this medical scooter, you’ll find a large plastic basket attached.

This provides the perfect space for storing items to easily bring along with you as you ride the scooter. The 24V motor can carry you as far as 9 miles in a single charge with a top speed of 4.25mph. The included charger makes it easy to re-charge the scooter as needed by simply plugging it in.

This scooter also comes with a special battery pack that can be charged separately from the scooter itself, and then quickly and easily plugged into the scooter when the power is needed.

The scooter has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. To add a little fun and style, this scooter also has little interchangeable panels with different colors.

This specific scooter comes with a set of both red panels as well as blue panels. You can choose to change which color you have on occasionally or even put some of the red and some of the blue panels on to mix it up.

This is definitely the choice for you if you want something that is full of incredible and beneficial features, but you do need to stay within a relatively low budget!

Best Budget Mobility Scooter

#2 – Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

 At A Glance:

  • 3 wheels
  • Top speed of 4mph
  • 2 12V batteries
  • Adjustable height seat
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Folding electric scooter seat
  • Flat-free tires
  • Storage basket
  • Cup holder
  • Saddlebag
  • 275-pound weight capacity
If you have a really tight budget, but you definitely need a disability scooter, this 3 wheel electric scooter from Pride Medical is a great choice.

Pride scooters come at all different price points with all different features and of all the handicap scooters that we searched through, this one is definitely the best budget mobility scooter.

It comes at just a fraction of the cost of many of the electric scooters out there, but it still has plenty of quality features to improve comfort and convenience.

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This is a fairly small mobility scooter, so if you’re looking for a more compact mobility scooter, this is also a great choice for that. The faux-leather seat of this scooter is stylish and well-padded for comfort. It’s also easily height adjustable.

The armrests of this scooter don’t extend out to adjust the width between them like with the Drive Medical scooter, but they do flip up. This allows easy entry and exit of the scooter for the user. The handlebars feature grips for increased comfort and the controls are simple and user-friendly.

This lightweight mobility scooter easily comes apart into 5 individual pieces making it an easily portable scooter as well. Since this is a 3 wheel mobility scooter, it isn’t quite as sturdy as options with 4 wheels.

However, the 3 wheels do allow it to be superior at maneuvering tighter spaces, which can be really helpful. This scooter comes with 2 12V batteries and has a max speed of 4mph.

It is able to travel up to 6.3 miles in a single charge, which obviously isn’t quite as far as the Drive Medical choice but is still a decent amount.

Like the Drive Medical scooter, this option does have the flat-free tires for convenience and safety. Also, like the Drive Medical option, this scooter does have a plastic basket that attaches to the front of the scooter for convenient storage space.

Something that this scooter has that the Drive Medical does not is that it includes 2 free gifts with your purchase. This scooter comes with both an attachable cupholder as well as a small saddle bag. These go on the armrests of the scooter and add even more convenience.

The maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds is a little low compared to other options but still works for most users. Basically, this is a really nice scooter considering the low cost compared to most mobility scooters. It is perfect for anyone on a tighter budget.

Best 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

#3 – GO-GO Ultra X 3-Wheel Electric Travel Scooter

 At A Glance:

  • 3 wheels
  • Top speed of 4mph
  • 9-mile drive range
  • Swivel seat
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Padded handlebars
  • Storage basket
  • 12AH batteries
  • Flat-free tires
  • 260-pound weight capacity
This is the second of three different Pride Mobility scooters we’ve included in our recommendations. That’s simply because Pride Mobility is such an excellent-quality brand that makes amazing products that work great and suit a versatile set of needs and desires.

This is Pride Mobility’s GO GO Mobility Scooter. This is another three wheel scooter. In other words, it won’t have the stability of four wheel mobile scooters, but it is able to make much tighter turns and navigate smaller areas with ease.

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The seat on this scooter is height adjustable. It also swivels around as needed. This swiveling feature combined with flip-up armrests makes it as simple as possible to get on and off the scooter. The GOGO scooter also has a top speed of 4mph and can take you just a little farther than the Pro Premium with a drive range of 6.9 miles.

The 12AH batteries that come with the scooter can be charged either in or outside of the scooter to help increase convenience. Just like the Pro Premium, the Go Go scooter can easily disassemble into 5 different pieces, which is great if you’re looking for portable mobility scooters.

This scooter does have the lightest mobility scooter weight limit at just 260 pounds. It is great for many users, but if you or your loved one is over that 260-pound limit, you’ll need to choose a different option.

This is another mobility scooter that has flat-free tires and a front basket that is easily accessible for convenient storage. As far as cost goes, it is definitely the most expensive option that we have reviewed so far, but it has managed to stay under $1000.

The high-quality materials, longer drive range, and stylish design helped this option make it onto our list as the best 3-wheel electric scooter.

Best Bariatric Mobility Scooter

#4 – Pride Maxima – 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Bariatric Scooter

 At A Glance:

  • 4 wheels
  • Top speed of 5.25mph
  • Drive range of 10 miles
  • 500-pound weight capacity
  • Foldable electric scooter seat
  • Adjustable tiller
  • Headlight
  • Storage basket
  • 10” flat-free tires
  • Pair of 32AH batteries
If you’re looking for an electric scooter for handicapped adults that are on the heavier side, the Pride Maxima is a perfect choice! Of all the heavy duty mobility scooters we looked at, this one really stood out.

This is a bariatric motorized scooter for adults that weigh up to 500 pounds. That is a much heavier weight limit compared to our other choices, so this scooter should work for the vast majority of users.

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A durable one-piece frame and large 10” tires help give the scooter the strength it needs to ensure safety even for 500-pound users. The tires are also flat-free just like the tires of our other picks.

The scooter itself weighs a whopping 260 pounds, so it won’t be the easiest option for portability, but it does have features to help make it possible.

The scooter disassembles so that the heaviest piece is 76 pounds, which is a lot more manageable than 260 pounds.

The folding mobility scooter seat also helps reduce the volume the pieces take up for transport or even storage. An extra-wide and heavily padded seat help to make sure that even larger users are as comfortable as possible. Four wheels opposed to just three give this scooter great stability.

This is even the fastest mobility scooter of our recommendations with a top speed of 5.25mph. It also has an impressive drive range that allows you to go up to 10 miles each time the scooter is fully charged.

The pair of 32AH batteries are what helps make this possible. A front headlight helps add more safety for outdoor use after dark. This scooter option also has a storage basket on the front just like the previously listed electric mobility chairs.

All of these incredible features and the extra-strong and durable construction required to make this a bariatric scooter really drive up the price, of course. This is, by far, the most expensive option of mobility scooter that we have reviewed.

If you need a motorized scooter for elderly individuals over the weight limits of other options, this is definitely your best option. However, there are other great choices for an elderly mobility scooter that are much cheaper if you don’t need the high weight limit that this one has.

Best Mobility Scooter for Off-Road

#5 – BUZZAROUND EX Extreme 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter

buzzaround mobility scooter

 At A Glance:

  • 4 wheels
  • Top speed of 5mph
  • 2U1 batteries
  • Drive range of 18 miles
  • LED headlight and taillights
  • Storage basket
  • 4” ground clearance
  • Front and back suspension
  • 9” tires
  • 330-pound weight capacity
Finally, we have the BUZZAROUND EX Extreme Travel Scooter! This is our pick for anyone looking for the best mobility scooter for off-road!

This impressive off road mobility scooter has some great features that allow it to work as an all terrain mobility scooter. The 4 strong and wide tires feature a 9”-diameter. The thickness and larger size of the tires really help increase the durability of the scooter.

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Suspension in both the front and the back of this scooter gives it a smoother ride on multiple types of terrain. It helps preserve the scooter while making things more comfortable for the user.

A ground clearance of an impressive 4 inches further increases the scooter’s abilities outdoors and on different terrains. An ultra-bright LED headlight and taillights keep the user as safe as possible even in darker conditions.

A relatively high weight limit of 330 pounds works great for users that are heavier but still don’t quite need the bariatric option.

The foldable mobility scooter seat and easy-to-disassemble mobility scooter parts make this option relatively easy to transport as well. This scooter also has a height adjustable seat with flip-up armrests for the convenience and comfort of the user.

The BUZZAROUND EX Extreme goes nearly as fast as the Pride Maxima with a top speed of 5mph but has a much longer drive range of a very impressive 18 miles per charge. That’s thanks to the 2U1 batteries that this scooter is equipped with.

Price-wise, this is the second most expensive option on our list but is still only about 1/3 of the cost of the Pride Maxima listed above. It is definitely the best mobility scooter for outdoors!

Mobility Scooters Comparison Table

Best Mobility Scooters
PriceWheelsSpeedSpecial FeaturesCustomer Ratings
Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter$874.004 wheels
Top speed of 4.25mph
24V motor, 3 seat heights
4.3 / 5.0 Stars
Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter by Pride$629.003 wheels
Top speed of 4mph
2 12V batteries, Folding electric scooter seat
4.5 / 5.0 Stars
GO-GO Ultra X 3-Wheel Electric Travel Scooter Pride Mobility SC40X$1,159.983 wheels
Top speed of 4mph
12AH batteries,
9-mile drive range
4.1 / 5.0 Stars
Pride Maxima - 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Bariatric Scooter$3,199.004 wheelsTop speed of 5.25mphPair of 32AH batteries, Foldable electric scooter seat
5.0 / 5.0 Stars
BUZZAROUND EX Extreme 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Long Range Travel Scooterbuzzaround mobility scooter offroad$1,685.004 wheelsTop speed of 5mph2U1 batteries, Drive range of 18 miles4.6 / 5.0 Stars

How to Choose the Best Mobility Scooter for You

Independence and mobility are things that are too often taken for granted by those that have them. When you are disabled, severely injured, or your age has started to catch up to you, mobility and independence become things that you must work to retain or regain.

Fortunately, many products out on the market are able to assist with mobility and therefore independence. If you struggle to walk for long stretches or even short stretches, then finding the best mobility scooter can definitely be of great help to you in retaining mobility.

mobility scooter for handicapped guide

By remaining mobile, you can stay more independent and continue to live a normal life even once you aren’t able to walk well or far on your own. This can greatly improve your quality of life.

When it comes to a product like a mobility scooter, it is especially important to do your research and carefully consider your options before making a purchase. We aim to help you with this with our guide and recommendations. New mobility scooters can be very pricey – sometimes even costing thousands of dollars.

Mobility scooters are also an important tool that can seriously affect your daily life. For these reasons, please take the time to read some of the considerations below to help make sure you know what you need to look for as you shop for a mobility scooter for you or a loved one.

There are quite a few varying factors that need to be looked at to pinpoint the right scooter for each individual.

Weight Capacity

As with any product designed to hold a person’s weight, the first thing that should be considered is the weight capacity.

This is extremely important because using a mobility scooter that is not meant to hold your full weight can cause the scooter to not work efficiently and can even cause damage to the scooter or injury to the user. Most mobility scooters hold around 300 pounds. Some hold just under that and some hold just above that.

If you weigh less than 250 pounds, you don’t need to worry too much about weight capacity. However, if you’re above that, please make sure that you know your exact weight and compare it to the weight capacity on each scooter you consider.

If you or the person you are buying the scooter for weighs above 300-350 pounds, you’ll probably have to choose a bariatric mobility scooter – that is, a scooter that holds up to 500 pounds in weight.

Number of Wheels

Next up, think about what number of wheels you want on your mobility scooter. Some options have three wheels while others have four wheels.

Three-wheel scooters have a few benefits. They have superior maneuverability, they can make tighter turns, they fit better in smaller spaces, and they tend to be more lightweight.

Four-wheel scooters, however, are much more stable and work better on a larger variety of terrains. Think about where you intend to use your mobility scooter most often to help you decide which choice may be best for you.


Another important feature of mobility scooters is their adjustability. Most scooters can be adjusted in at least some ways, while others are fully adjustable in almost every way you could think of.

Most options can adjust for height, but fewer choices have adjustable tillers or armrests.

What you need will have a lot to do with your size and your dexterity level. If you are of fairly average height with average-length arms and decent dexterity, you probably won’t need to worry much about having lots of adjustability.

However, if you are more limited in your movement or you are very short or tall, more adjustability can make a big difference in your comfort level on the scooter.


Since a mobility scooter will cost, at the minimum, several hundred dollars and, at maximum, several thousand dollars, cost is an extremely important consideration.

Keep in mind that the more expensive mobility scooters do tend to have better quality materials and designs with plenty of beneficial features that help with convenience and comfort.

Even so, there are definitely some good-quality cheaper options out there if that’s what you need or prefer. It really comes down to what you need from your mobility scooter and how much you are actually able to spend.

Mobility Scooter FAQs

How do I know if I need a mobility scooter?

Sometimes it can be hard admitting our weaknesses or inabilities, but you shouldn’t be ashamed of using the tools at your disposal to live the best life you can. Mobility can be so important for quality of life.

Basically, if you struggle with the amount of walking involved in normal day-to-day activities like grocery shopping or walking your dog around the block, then it is probably time to start looking at getting a mobility scooter.


Can more than one person ride on a mobility scooter?

While mobility scooters are designed to sometimes hold up to 300 pounds or even more, they are still only designed for one person to use at a time. The safest option is to not have any passengers ride with you on your mobility scooter.

This includes avoiding having small children on the scooter with you.


How often should I charge my mobility scooter?

Each mobility scooter has different battery types and sizes. This means that things like charging can certainly vary between different options. If you are using your scooter daily, you should probably charge it daily.

This means it will always be ready when you need it. It also helps prevent the batteries from becoming too depleted, which could actually shorten the overall life of your batteries.

Buyer’s Tips for Mobility Scooters

We can’t stress enough how important it is to choose your mobility scooter carefully. This is a sizable purchase that has a big effect on your life.

Please review our guide above and consider one of our picks for the best mobility scooters as we did careful research and reviews to help you make the best decision possible.

Even if you don’t choose one of our top mobility scooter picks, please remember to carefully consider things like weight capacity, the number of wheels, adjustability, and other features to make sure you get a good mobility scooter for your needs.

One more thing to think about is where you will purchase your scooter from. With this type of purchase, we strongly suggest a trusted retailer such as Amazon.

They provide amazing customer service, which can be so important with bigger purchases like this one. They also tend to ship quickly, often offer free shipping, and have competitive pricing on mobility scooters and other products.

We know you’re excited to enjoy more freedom and mobility with your new mobility scooter! We hope that we have been of some help as we know what a big deal this is for you!


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    1. Enrique,

      This cannot be a carry-on item for an airline. However, if checked luggage it may be possible to take along on some airlines. This will vary by the airline based on the overall size of the item. Also, airlines may charge an additional luggage fee for an oversized checked item.

      You will need to check with your airline of choice for their policies, but in general an oversized item (like golf clubs and surfboards) can be checked.


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