The 5 Best Nebulizer Machines Reviewed – 2019

So, there isn’t really a best nebulizer for asthma or a best nebulizer for COPD or any other specific ailment. Instead, the best nebuliser machine for you is based on other factors. You can read more in our guide on How to Choose the Best Nebulizer for Home.

You can also check out our picks below if you’re looking for the best nebulizer for kids, the best nebulizer machine for baby, the best portable nebulizer machine, or just the overall best nebulizer for home use!

Best Nebulizer Machines

 Uniclife Nebulizer Compressor Goordik Personal CompressorTT-Star Portable Cool Mist Inhaler Kit
MachineCompressor nebulizerCompressor nebulizerCompressor nebulizer
Weight4.6 pounds3.37 pounds2.6 pounds
Special FeaturesLiter flow range of 6-8 per minuteLiter flow range of 6-10 per minuteAdult and child masks
Customer Ratings4.1 / 5.0 Stars4.4 / 5.0 Stars4.4 / 5.0 Stars

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Quick Answer: The 5 Best Nebulizer Machines – 2019

  1. Uniclife Nebulizer Compressor Cool Mist Inhaler System
  2. Goordik Personal Compressor Cool Mist Inhaler
  3. TT-Star Portable Compressor System Personal Cool Mist Inhaler Kit
  4. FreePower Rechargeable Mini USB Portable Travel Inhaler & Nebulizer Machine
  5. RoyAroma Personal Cool Mist Inhaler Compressor System for Baby & Child

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Nebulizer Machines Reviews

Best Nebulizers (Overall)

#1 – Uniclife Nebulizer Cool Mist Inhaler System

Uniclife Nebulizer Compressor Cool Mist Inhaler System At A Glance:

  • Compressor nebulizer
  • Liter flow range of 6-8 per minute
  • 30-36psi compressor pressure
  • Adult and child masks
  • Mouthpiece
  • 0.3ml/minute average conversion rate
  • 4.6 pounds
  • 7-foot tubing
  • 5 filters included
  • 2 storage compartments
  • Carrying handle built-in
  • 5ml medicine capacity
  • One-button operation

Our very first pick for the best nebulizer overall is this choice from Uniclife. This is a really wonderful choice due to high quality, state-of-the-art features, and a relatively affordable price.

It isn’t the cheapest option on the list by any means, but you are definitely getting a good value when you look at what you get with this nebulizer. This is a full nebulizer kit.

It comes with everything you need to use the nebulizer other than the actual nebulizer solution or medication that you’ll be putting in it.

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It comes with the nebulizer itself, a nebulizer mask for adults, a nebulizer mask for children, a mouthpiece, a jet cap, and 5 filter replacements. The nebulizer also features two different special compartments where you can store your nebulizer supplies.

The compartment on the back of the nebulizer is made to store the cord specifically. Another compartment on the front of the nebulizer holds the rest of your supplies like your mask and tubing.

The tube that this Uniclife nebulizer comes with is 7 feet long. This gives you plenty of room to move around comfortably during your treatment. The connections on the tube are the standard size.

That means you’ll get a convenient universal fit should you ever need to mix supplies from another nebulizer for any reason. In addition to easily storing all of these supplies inside, the nebulizer features a convenient handle for easy carrying.

While this is actually the heaviest nebulizer option on our list, it is still fairly lightweight at just 4.6 pounds.

The Uniclife nebulizer is a compressor-style nebulizer. This is the most common type of nebulizer on the market. Usually, the biggest concern with compressor nebulizers is that they can be very noisy.

Fortunately, Uniclife has tackled that issue and this compressor makes 65dB of noise or less. This is pretty low for a compressor and won’t be too disturbing for most people. The compressor has a pressure range up to 36psi.

It is very easy to use with one-button operation. You simply put your medicine into the medicine cup, hook the tubing up to the mask or mouthpiece, hook the other end to the machine, and press the button.

Then, when you’re finished with your dose, you flip the switch back to off. It couldn’t get much simpler than that.  It has a fairly high maximum liter flow range of 8 liters per minute.

This simply means that it is very efficient at quickly delivering your medicine. A higher liter flow range can also mean a shorter breathing treatment time.

The average conversion rate of this nebulizer is 0.3ml per minute. That means that the nebulizer turns about 0.3ml of your medicine into mist each minute.

You can compare that number to the size of one dose of your medicine to give you an idea of how long a treatment may take.

The medicine cup can hold up to 5ml of your medication at a time, which should work fine for most users. This is easily the best home humidifier to buy simply due to the fact that you’re getting a lot of value for the price you are paying.

#2 – Goordik Personal Compressor Cool Mist Inhaler

Goordik Personal Compressor Cool Mist Inhaler At A Glance:

  • Compressor nebulizer
  • Liter flow range of 6-10 per minute
  • 30-50psi compressor pressure
  • Adult and child masks
  • Mouthpiece
  • 5 filters included
  • 5.48-foot tubing
  • 3.37 pounds
  • Storage compartment
  • 6ml medicine cup
  • 0.2ml per minute minimum conversion rate

Another great choice for the best nebulizer to buy is this Goordik Personal Compressor Nebulizer. This model is fairly similar to the Uniclife nebulizer above, with just a few differences.

It is a little more expensive than the Uniclife scoring the top spot on our list as far as cost goes.

There are just a few things that are slightly improved on this nebulizer compared to our first pick that drive the price up a little.

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First of all, this has a much higher pressure range for the compressor of the nebulizer. The pressure range goes from 30psi all the way up to 50psi on this model. It also has a higher maximum liter flow range of 10 liters per minute.

The minimum conversion rate is 0.2ml per minute. That is the minimum, though, and it is generally higher than that. The medicine cup is slightly larger than the Uniclife nebulizer at 6ml rather than 5ml.

At 3.37 pounds, this nebulizer can be used as a portable nebulizer for sure. However, if portability is really important to you, we have some even better recommendations below!

This option does include a storage compartment as well where you can place your nebulizer supplies and accessories.

The tubing on this nebulizer is a little shorter than the Uniclife tubing at just under 5.5 feet. This still provides you a decent amount of room to comfortably move around, though.

It comes with 5 replacement filters, a mouthpiece, an adult mask, and a child mask. It can be used for children, but we do prefer this nebulizer for adults.

You can check out the best nebulizer for babies and kids down below at the bottom of our list. This nebulizer has the same sound level as the Uniclife at about 65dB or less.

This compressor nebulizer costs a little more, but it is a little more lightweight and it is likely to give you shorter treatment sessions.

Best Portable Nebulizers

#3 – TT-Star Portable Cool Mist Inhaler Kit

TT-Star Portable Compressor System Personal Cool Mist Inhaler Kit At A Glance:

  • Compressor nebulizer
  • 2.6 pounds
  • Carrying handle
  • Front notch to hold set-up
  • One-button operation
  • Adult and child masks
  • Mouthpiece
  • 5 filters included
  • 60dB or less of sound
  • 10ml medicine cup
  • 4.21” x 7.28” x 6.65”

When it comes to the best travel nebulizer, this is our favorite compressor-style portable nebuliser. The reason that this is such an incredible option for portability is the compact size.

This nebulizer is a good bit smaller and lighter than our other compressor nebulizer picks. This nebulizer weighs only 2.6 pounds, so pretty much anyone can easily transport it with no issues.

The actual size is very compact too. The dimensions of this portable nebulizer are 4.21 inches wide, 7.28 inches long, and 6.65 inches tall.

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So, it doesn’t take up much space at all and can easily fit into almost any bag for convenient travel or storage. The price of this nebulizer is similar to that of the Uniclife option.

Although, this nebulizer is just a little more affordable compared to Uniclife’s. Another cool benefit of this option is that it is even quieter than the previous two picks. The sound of this TT-Star nebulizer does not go above 60dB!

This super quiet operation adds a lot of convenience. That’s especially true if you are needing to use it around other people as you often may if this is a nebulizer you are bringing about with you.

It comes with the same basic set of accessories that you’ll find with our other nebulizer picks as well. It includes a child mask and an adult mask.

It also includes a mouthpiece, which you can choose to use in your mouth rather than having to put the mask on your face if you prefer to avoid it. You’ll also get the tubing and 5 replacement filters for your nebulizer.

The medicine cup on this nebulizer actually holds up to 10ml, which is twice as much as the Uniclife nebulizer.

A carrying handle on the top further improves overall portability. There is also a small notch on the front of the nebulizer that will hold onto the base of the medicine cup.

When your cup, tubing, and mask or mouthpiece are all attached, placing your medicine cup in the notch actually holds up your entire set-up to help prevent contamination or leaking. One-button operation makes it incredibly easy for anyone to efficiently use.

#4 – FreePower Portable Nebulizer Machine

FreePower Rechargeable Mini USB Portable Travel Inhaler & Nebulizer Machine At A Glance:

  • Ultrasonic nebulizer
  • Handheld size
  • 1.5-inch diameter
  • 4.6-inch length
  • 97 grams (less than 0.25 pounds)
  • 25ml medicine capacity
  • USB charger included
  • Adult and child masks
  • 2 mouthpieces
  • No tubing required
  • 30dB or less of sound

This incredible little ultrasonic nebulizer is quite unique among our other options and most nebulizers in general. It is considerably smaller and works very differently than the other nebulizers on our list.

First off, instead of being a compressor nebulizer, this handheld nebulizer actually uses a special mesh technology.

A special screen with thousands of tiny holes in it sits across the bottom of the reservoir of the nebulizer.

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Once turned on, the special technology utilizes this screen along with vibrations to create a fine mist of the medicine for you to inhale.

Interestingly, this method is actually more efficient at delivering medicine with the least amount of waste possible. This will allow you to get a more complete dose of medicine for a more effective nebulizer treatment.

This impressively compact nebulizer features a cylindrical shape. The diameter of the cylinder is only 1.5 inches across, and the entire nebulizer is only 4.6 inches tall. This tiny size allows you to even fit the nebulizer in your pocket if you ever need to! I

t can’t be beaten when it comes to portability. At 97 grams, this nebulizer weighs less than a quarter of a pound! With the tiny size and mesh technology delivery system opposed to the more common compressor style, this option is also whisper-quiet! It makes half the noise of the already quiet TT-Star nebulizer at only 30dB or less!

Another interesting thing about this pocket nebulizer is the large medicine capacity. At 25ml, it is almost excessive.

Rarely would anyone ever need to fill this cup, but it is nice that you’ll never have to worry about not being able to put a full dose in, and since the overall size is still so small, it is hard to complain.

Rather than needing to be plugged into the wall during use, this option charges up and can be used anywhere anytime! It comes with a convenient USB charger for this purpose. You’ll also get an adult mask, a child mask, and 2 mouthpieces with your purchase.

There is no tubing with this nebulizer because it is handheld. You don’t need a tube running from the nebulizer to the mask or mouthpiece because it attaches directly to the nebulizer, which you simply hold in your hand while you use.

The only reason that this may not be ideal is in patients that have more limited strength and movement. For example, sometimes breathing treatments are used with patients that have muscular dystrophy to help improve respiratory function.

These patients are likely to have a harder time holding the nebulizer up to their face for the entire treatment and might do better with an option that allows for hands-free use with a mask.

Other than that, it is hard to find anything wrong with this nebulizer! You even get the best nebulizer price with this option!

It is close to half the price of the most expensive option on our list! The small size and whisper-quiet function can make this a good nebulizer for kids that are intimidated by the size and sound of other nebulizers.

Of course, our favorite nebulizer for kids is up next and you should definitely check it out if you’re shopping for a child nebulizer!

Best Nebulizer For Babies and Kids

#5 – RoyAroma Cool Mist Inhaler for Baby & Child

RoyAroma Personal Cool Mist Inhaler Compressor System At A Glance:

  • Compressor nebulizer
  • Cute puppy design
  • Minimum conversion rate of 0.2ml per minute
  • 7.87” x 4.72” x 8.46”
  • 3.06 pounds
  • 6ml medicine cup
  • Adult and child masks
  • Mouthpiece
  • 5 filters included
  • Tail notch to hold set-up
  • 65dB or less sound level

Finally, if you’re looking for a nebulizer for baby, this nebulizer is our favorite for babies and kids! RoyAroma is, in our opinion, the best nebulizer brand for children.

We think you and your kid(s) will love this adorable pediatric nebulizer! It has a super cute puppy theme to it. The nebulizer itself is made in the shape of an adorable puppy dog in a calm sitting position, looking up with a friendly smile on its face.

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This kid-friendly design will help keep your child interested and calm when they need breathing treatments with their nebulizer. It is less scary for children than the more standardized look of other nebulizers.

It is pretty quiet matching the sound levels of our first two picks at 65dB or less. The lower noise levels help keep children calm as well.

This is another compressor nebulizer and it features a minimum conversion rate of 0.2ml per minute just like the Goordik nebulizer we reviewed.

The 6ml-capacity medicine cup should work great for most necessary doses of medicine. While this option is primarily for children, it does come with both a child’s mask as well as an adult mask.

So, adults can use it if they like it. This can be a good idea for adults that need breathing treatments but are concerned that the nebulizer may scare their children or grandchildren.

In this way, it can help make treatment more palatable for children even if the child is not the one receiving the treatment.

In addition to the two different sized masks, this option also includes a mouthpiece in case that is preferred over the mask options.

It also includes the necessary tubing as well as 5 filters just like the other compressor nebulizer choices we reviewed here. It is fairly compact at 7.87” x 4.72” x 8.46”.

It is also relatively lightweight at 3.06 pounds. The tail of the puppy has a notch in it that will hold the bottom of the medicine cup with the mouthpiece or mask attached as well.

This helps keep everything sanitary and neat. This price is fairly expensive but well worth the cost to help reduce anxiety in children that need treatment or that are around adults that need treatment.

Best Nebulizer Machines Comparison Table

Best Nebulizer Machines PriceMachineWeightSpecial FeaturesCustomer Ratings
Uniclife Nebulizer Compressor$32.78Compressor nebulizer4.6 poundsLiter flow range of 6-8 per minute4.1 / 5.0 Stars
Goordik Personal Cool Mist Inhaler$45.95Compressor nebulizer3.37 poundsLiter flow range of 6-10 per minute4.4 / 5.0 Stars
TT-Star Cool Mist Inhaler Kitfrom $7.89Compressor nebulizer2.6 poundsAdult and child masks4.4 / 5.0 Stars
FreePower Rechargeable Nebulizer$28.87Ultrasonic nebulizerLess than 0.25 pounds1.5-inch diameter, USB charger included4.0/ 5.0 Stars
RoyAroma Personal Cool Mist Inhaler

Compressor nebulizer3.06 poundsConversion rate of 0.2ml per minute4.5 / 5.0 Stars

How to Choose the Best Nebulizer Machine for Home

A nebulizer is an important medical device used in the treatment of various respiratory problems. Since breathing is so vitally important, a nebulizer can make a huge difference for sufferers of respiratory issues.

In some cases, it can even be life-saving. So, you really want to make sure you get a quality option that works well and fits your specific needs.

Check out some of these important factors below to make sure you are choosing the right nebulizer for you.

best nebulizer for kids babies

Nebulizer machines are a common tool used in the treatment of many different ailments that affect breathing. They work by diffusing liquid medications into the air for the patient to breathe in through a tube or mask.

This provides an easy way to quickly and effectively deliver medicine to the lungs. The best nebulizer machine for your needs can make a big difference in treatment.

Albuterol nebulizer machines are particularly common because asthma nebulizer treatment is very beneficial and popular, and albuterol is one of the most common medications used for asthma treatment.

Of course, you don’t need a specific type of nebulizer for albuterol. Any nebulizer can be used with albuterol or any other medication made for use in a nebuliser machine.


First, you will want to think about which type of nebulizer you want to purchase. A compressor-style nebulizer is the most common. They are reliable and simple. They use a compressor to shoot air into the medicine and create a fine mist of the medicine for you to inhale into your lungs. Ultrasonic nebulizers are great, too, of course.

They work using ultrasonic sound waves to create a vibration that with the use of a special screen creates a fine mist of the medicine. While both work differently, you get very similar results. With compressor nebulizers, you’ll have a lot more options. However, ultrasonic nebulizers are generally quieter and often more compact as well.


The portability of a nebulizer can be a very important factor to consider depending on how often you need treatment and where you expect to use your nebulizer. If you feel like you’ll only need it at home, the portability isn’t that big of a deal.

Although, smaller options are still easier to store. Portability is most important if you need to take your nebulizer with you out of the house on a regular basis. A lot of it can come down to personal preference.

Best Nebulizer Machine cool mist inhaler

All of our picks above for the best nebulisers are fairly easy for transport, but some are definitely better than others. For the easiest portability, look for super compact options and/or choices that have storage compartments for the extra supplies.

A handheld or pocket nebulizer is definitely the easiest option for portability and can be charged up for use away from an outlet. This is perfect if you are active and want to have the option of a breathing treatment for you and/or your child while you are outdoors or even in a vehicle.

Sound Level

Another factor that has a lot to do with convenience is the sound level. Some nebulizers are very loud. This can be annoying and downright disturbing. When it comes to children, it can be scary and intimidating.

Some people may not mind a louder sound, but if you feel like a lower sound level is important for you or your child, make sure to choose an option with lower noise levels!

Nebulizer FAQs

What is a nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a medical device used to convert liquid medicine into a fine mist that is easily inhaled. This allows for fast delivery and easy absorption of the medicine inside of the lungs.

The mist of medicine is delivered via a mask or mouthpiece that allows the user to breathe it in easily.

What is a nebulizer used for?

A nebulizer can be used to help treat a variety of different respiratory ailments. Asthma and COPD are among the most common things that nebulizers are used to treat.

However, they are also used for emphysema, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, and other ailments that cause respiratory issues.


Where can I buy a nebulizer?

Nebulizers can be bought at a variety of retailers such as pharmacies or medical supply stores. The availability can depend on your location, though.

One of the best places to purchase a good nebulizer is from an online retailer such as Amazon. This is usually the best way to get a good price and still guarantee great quality.


What’s the difference between a nebulizer vs inhaler?

Sometimes, people may become confused about the differences between an inhaler and a nebulizer.

An inhaler is a small, handheld device that delivers a single small dose of medicine in a puff that is inhaled in one forceful and deep breath. They usually work similarly to an aerosol can.

Nebulizers are generally larger and electric-powered. They tend to deliver a larger dose of medicine over a period of about 5 to 10 minutes.

They are easier for the user as they just have to breathe normally. Many patients will be prescribed an inhaler as well as medicine for a nebulizer to both be used in treatment.

Nebulizer Machine Buyer’s Tips

Since a nebulizer is such an important medical device that can improve respiratory function in those that struggle with it, it is vital to choose the right one for your specific needs.

Make sure that you get a portable option if you need frequent breathing treatments. You’ll also want to consider a kid-friendly design with low noise level if the nebulizer is for your child.

Don’t forget that it is very important to know how to use nebulizer machines as well. Always read all instructions that come with your nebulizer before use.

If you’re wondering where to buy a nebulizer, we feel like Amazon is one excellent choice due to their wide selection, good quality, and unbeatable customer service.

Online retailers like Amazon are often your best bet on getting the best deal possible, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to shop around too.

With our above recommendations, we are confident that everyone can find an excellent choice of nebulizer to meet their specific needs and get some relief from any symptoms of respiratory struggle they may have been having!

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