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The 5 Best Full Body Pregnancy Pillows – [2020 Reviews]

Our Editors independently research, test, and rate what we feel are the best products. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

If you’ve had a baby before, or are currently pregnant, then you know how challenging it can be to get a good night’s rest.

It can feel like there’s no comfortable spot on the bed, at times, but luckily there’s something that’s been proven to help: a pregnancy pillow.

However, models vary widely, so it’s important to select the perfect product for you. Luckily, we’ve gone ahead and spent the past few weeks testing them out vigorously so you don’t have to!

So, if you’re in the market for one of the best full body maternity pillows, keep on reading.

Best Pregnancy Pillows

Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow Full BodyComfySure Pregnancy Full Body PillowOnory Full Body Pregnancy Pillow
Size:55"59"55" or 60"
Fabric :CottonPolyesterCotton, Polyester
Sleep Position:SideAnyAny

Quick Answer: The 5 Best-Rated Maternity Pillows For 2020

  1. Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow Full Body
  2. ComfySure Pregnancy Full Body Pillow
  3. Onory Full Body Pregnancy Pillow
  4. Meiz U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
  5. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

Our reviews of the top rated pregnancy pillows with a comparison table and our buyers guide below will help you choose one for you.

Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

#1 Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow Full Body

Rather than you having to accommodate yourself to your sleeping conditions, this pillow moves to accommodate you and your body shape.

The flexible model works great for those restless nights, or when you want to read a book or nurse your baby.

However, that’s not the only thing the best U-shaped pregnancy pillow is great for. If you have sciatica, back or hip pain, or are going through injury recovery, this model can help relieve discomfort.

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At first, the large, 55” pillow may seem a bit bulky, but once you start to relax, it will start settling in, too. It’s also a bit heavy, but this works to your benefit, as it won’t move around but stay in place where you need it.

Polyester fiber filling is lofty and easily adjustable, making this easily one of the most versatile pregnancy pillows available. It’s simultaneously plush and firm, while creating air pockets for excellent airflow.

The 100% cotton zippered cover wicks moisture away, and is also hypoallergenic which is crucial for mothers with lowered immune systems.

If that weren’t enough, this side-sleeping pillow comes with a generous lifetime warranty, so you’re really not risking anything but sleeping in comfort by trying this out!


Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow Full Body at a Glance:

  • Size: 55 inches
  • Colors: White, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Gray, Blue and Pink, Blue and Gray
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Sleeping Position: Side

#2 ComfySure Pregnancy Full Body Pillow

While many consumers had already raved about the ComfySure Pregnancy Pillow being the best maternity pillow on the market today, we had to check it out for ourselves.

While we can’t say it was absolutely the best, it was one of our top 5.

If you’re taller or just want something bigger, then we highly suggest taking a serious look at this design. Measuring 39” x 59”, it’s extra-large and perfect for queen and king beds.

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What we enjoyed most about the ComfySure, was that you weren’t locked into just sleeping on your side. Rather, you could use it comfortably in any kind of sleeping position.

Due to how helpful it is with pregnant mothers along with those with sciatica, gastric reflux, fibromyalgia and more, it’s highly recommended by many medical professionals.

Use it for watching tv, lounging around, or sleeping; no matter what you’re doing it gives excellent lumbar support and helps to relieve aches and pains.

Weighing almost double what the Queen Rose Pillow does, it’s going to remain stable all through the night. While the filling isn’t as adjustable as the former product, it is still nice and cushy.

Both the filling and the removable cover are 100% hypoallergenic, which is essential for expecting mothers and those recovering from injuries.


ComfySure Pregnancy Full Body Pillow at a Glance:

  • Size: 59 inches
  • Colors: White, Jersey Knit
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Sleeping Position: Any

#3 Onory Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

The Onory Ful Body Pregnancy pillow is a little different from our previous products. It’s not quite as fluffy, and a bit more dense.

You can adjust the filling inside, however, to meld perfectly with the shape of your body. Coming in either 55 inches or 60 inches, you can select the size based on how tall you are and how large your bed is.

The U-shaped pillow is excellent for pregnant mothers, those suffering from hip/back pain, injury recovery and so much more.

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Either size is large enough for you to stretch out with, or to cuddle up to. The small gap between the sides will support your front and back, no matter how you’re laid out.

It works to try and support the lumbar, while also keeping your spine and neck in proper alignment to encourage good posture and health.

The 7D PP Fiber Cotton filling is nice and soft, and comes with no weird smell like others often have. The cover is a unique velvet rarely seen on these kinds of products.

It feels plush against the skin, and is made of polyester to increase durability. In addition, it’s also hypoallergenic and machine-washable, which is perfect when you’re trying to maintain a clean, healthy household.

Overall, it’s quite easy to see why it’s the best body pillow money can buy!


Onory Full Body Pregnancy Pillow at a Glance:

  • Size: 55 inches, 60 inches
  • Colors: Gray
  • Fabric: Cotton, Polyester
  • Sleeping Position: Any

#4 Meiz U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This best pregnancy pillow from Meiz caught our attention and Z’s in both looks and performance.

The U-shaped pillow was made for pregnant mothers, along with anyone else who needs some extra support and comfort in their lives.

It works to support the neck, head, spine, stomach and hips to relieve aches and pains and ensure you’re always in a nice relaxed position.

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Coming in three different shades of grey, white, light blue/pink, and dark blue, there’s sure to be something that suits your style or décor of your bedroom.

The scent-free pillow is very lavish-feeling, made of soft hollow fiber filling that you can reach in and adjust to your liking. The inner cover is made of long-lasting brushed fabric, while the outside layer is made of silky and supple cotton.

Due to the fabric’s composition, it’s completely hypoallergenic, and machine-washable which is necessary if you’re going to be nursing around it.

Due to how flexible it is, you can use it for just about any occasion where you’ll be sitting or laying down. This includes snacking, nursing, reading, and obviously sleeping.

While it’s not the lifetime guarantee that the Queen Rose offers, it does have a 90-day refund guarantee which is still quite substantial.


Meiz 55” U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow at a Glance:

  • Size: 55 inches
  • Colors: White, Grey, Blue and Pink, Blue and Grey, Classic Grey, Light Grey
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Sleeping Position: Side

#5 PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

The PharMeDoc Pregnancy pillow is made to specifically help you consistently achieve proper spinal positioning while overall boosting health by ensuring you get proper rest every time you lay down to sleep.

The C-shaped orthopedic pillow is perfect for each stage of your pregnancy; and works well for many with back, hip, or neck pain.

Like many competitor designs, it also helps give relief to many with fibromyalgia and sciatica to ease joint and muscle pain.

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While the C-shape can be used in just about any sleeping position, they’re uniquely made for left-side sleepers.

The reason why, is because sleeping on this side has been known to be healthier for both the mother and the baby, boosting blood flow to the placenta.

Filled with polyester fiber feeling, it’s not as poofy as others, but gives a medium plush feel. Polyfill is known to be one of the strongest fillings, distributing weight evenly rather than bunching up on one side, which doesn’t do much in terms of support.

The 100% cotton jersey knit cover, like the filling, is naturally hypoallergenic. This is not only perfect for allergy sufferers, but for anyone stressing over having a clean household.

The jersey knit is soft and fresh against the skin, and is great for when it’s too hot to sleep. The fabric works to wick moisture away from the skin, while providing excellent airflow to move heat away, too.

While all that is great, the fact that PharMeDoc offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty makes this one of the best pregnancy body pillows on our list!


PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow at a Glance:

  • Size: 53 inches
  • Colors: Gray, Pink and Blue, Champagne Pink Velvet, Gray Velvet
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Sleeping Position: Any

Pregnancy Pillow Comparison Table

Body PillowSizeFabricPositionRating
Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow Full Body55"CottonSide4.3 / 5.0
ComfySure Pregnancy Full Body Pillow59"PolyesterAny4.3 / 5.0
Onory Full Body Pregnancy Pillow55" or 60"Cotton, PolyesterAny4.6 / 5.0
Meiz U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow55"CottonSide4.5 / 5.0
PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow53"CottonAny4.5 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

best maternity pillow
Meiz U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

While it’s great to know about the different options out there, it’s also crucial to know what you should select, based on your needs. However, this can be difficult as there is so much conflicting information out there.

That’s why we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves to create the user-friendly buying guide, below. It will guide you through each step of the buying process, so that by the end, there’s no doubt which is the perfect product for you.

Pillow Shape

In the above reviews, you can see that the vast majority of pillows are U-shaped, but there are some C-shapes out there, too. Which one is the best? They’re actually pretty similar.


These are designed to be straddled, as if you were a monkey hanging on to a tree. You can sleep on either side with these, and is also great if you’re a back sleeper. This pillow design supports the head, back, stomach, and legs. The only real downside to these, is that they’re usually a bit bulkier, which some may not prefer.


This style is meant to be straddled, almost like you’re riding a horse. The bottom part of the “C” goes between your legs, and the top part can be used to rest your head on. The back naturally curves into the curve of the C, which gives you support and relieves stress. They can be configured many ways, and can also be folded in half more easily.


It’s essential to not only look at the material the cover is made out of, but the filling, as well.


Most are made with some kind of natural fiber. In this case, we’ll almost always be dealing with 100% cotton, which is the best. It’s naturally hypoallergenic, which means if you have allergies or are sensitive, these will keep pesty allergens far away.

Cotton also naturally moves heat away from the body, and provides excellent breathability which is great for hot, summer nights. Aside from cotton, occasionally you’ll also see polyester. Polyester is more durable than cotton (most times), and comes in many different textures. Sometimes it will be soft and silky, and other times, rough and scratchy.


Fillings tend to be made of a kind of polyfill, or sometimes cotton, as well. Both are easy to adjust and shape, while allowing for proper airflow and easy washing.

There are some pillows out there that are filled with memory foam or microbeads, but these often carry a bizarre odor. Combine bizarre odors with pregnancy, and you have a recipe for anything but relaxing. Not only that, but they can be a bit noisy, which can make sleep more difficult.

best pregnancy body pillow
PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow, U-Shape Full Body Pillow


To choose the size you’d like, consider how tall you are, how big your bed is, and if you’ll be sharing your bed with someone else. If so, then you may want to opt for a smaller one.

The standard size is around 55”, so that’s a good base point to go off of. If you have a California King size bed, then you’ll probably be able to get away with a much large pillow than that.


Firmness is a personal preference, so if you’re already sleeping with a pillow between your legs, think about if you’d like it to be firmer or if it’s around the level of softness you’d like.

If you’re undecided, then remember that it’s better to have more support than less, if you’re in search of joint and muscle support. In addition, pillows tend to soften up with extended use, so it’s better to start out more firm than less.

Ease of Cleaning

Chances are you’re probably going to using your maternity pillow quite a bit. No matter if it’s just you using it, or you and your baby, you’re definitely going to want to clean it regularly.

The vast majority of high-quality products will come with a removable cover that you can toss in the washing machine. There are an occasional few that even let you throw the entire pillow in the wash, although, this can be a hassle if you have a small washing machine.


While it is important to have a general budget in mind, when it comes to your comfort and health, we always suggest splurging a little. Being uncomfortable while you’re pregnant can really take a toll on your body, when rest is needed the most.

When you go up in price, you’ll generally be receiving a product that lasts longer, that’s more comfortable, natural, and versatile. When all you want to do is sleep, all of those aspects are important.


Let’s face it: it can be hard to decide if a pillow is right for you or not without trying it out at least a few times. That’s why it’s crucial to check out the kind of warranty the manufacturer includes with its product.

At a bare minimum, we suggest a 30-day return policy, but if you can, it would be better to get 90 days, or even a lifetime warranty, which a few on our guide do offer.

FAQs About Pregnancy Pillows

Q: Do I need a maternity pillow?

A: If you’re dealing with aches and pains in your joints and muscles, then the answer is “yes”. You may be pregnant yet not be able to lie on your back. Many of these pillows facilitate that, giving you the support you need.

Q: What is the difference between a pregnancy pillow and a body pillow?

A: Body pillows are essentially just oversized pillows that can mold to the shape of your body. However, they’re not always ideal for pregnancies. Maternity pillows are very similar, but help lift up the stomach to relieve pressure on your back. In addition, it can help you sleep in the natural fetal position which can help align your back and neck while avoiding placing pressure on your stomach.

Q: Do I need to use an organic pillow?

A: You don’t need to, but it’s highly recommended. There are many memory foam-filled pillows or pillows filled with other materials that contain potentially harmful or irritating chemicals. You want yours to be free of all artificial chemicals to minimize any risk or irritation. 100% cotton is always an excellent choice as it’s naturally hypoallergenic, which is ideal for your and your baby’s health.

Tips For Using a Maternity Pillow

#1: For maximum comfort, avoid laying on your back

Instead, try to allow the pillow to support the weight of the bump. As the uterus is attached to your spine, this weight can pull on it, and cause incredible discomfort in your mid-to-lower back. Sleeping on your side can also increase blood flow to the uterus, which is healthy for both you and the baby, too.

#2: If you experience heartburn, your pillow can also help

This is common for many pregnant mothers, and can keep you up all night if you’re not careful. As this is cause by stomach acid rising into your esophagus, you can help ease symptoms by supporting your back so you’re sitting up more.

#3: If you’re using a C-shaped pillow, make sure it doesn’t go too high up your legs

It should be placed centered between your knees and hips, to ensure both get the support they require.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know everything you could ever want or need regarding the best pregnancy pillows, which one is the perfect product for you? Just know that whichever one you choose, you’ll be receiving one of the top models on the market today.

We hope that our guide has helped you select the ideal pillow for you and your requirements. Thanks for staying tuned, and we’ll see you again soon!


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