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The 5 Best CPAP Machines Reviewed – [2020 Reviews]

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Our Editors independently research, test, and rate what we feel are the best products. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

Best CPAP Machines

Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP ProResMed AirSense 10 EliteTranscend EZEX CPAP Machine
ds_corepack_doorsopen_angled_ckhilg1ResMed AirSense2ranscend EZEX CPAP Machine3
DisplayLarge LCD displayLCD display auto adjusts lightingCompact size
TechnologyC-Flex+ technologyAutoRamp technologyUniversal tubing adaptor
Special FeaturesBluetooth compatible, Daily progress reportsQuiet motor, Built-in heated humidifierQuiet motor, Built-in heated humidifier
Customer RatingsN/A4.0 / 5.0 StarsN/A

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Quick Answer: The 5 Best-Rated CPAP Machines For 2020

  1. Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP Pro
  2. ResMed AirSense 10 Elite
  3. Transcend EZEX CPAP Machine
  4. APEX XT Prime CPAP
  5. DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Standard CPAP

CPAP Machines Reviews

#1 – Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP Pro

rollator walker



Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP Pro At A Glance:

  • Large LCD display
  • Top-mounting tubing
  • C-Flex+ technology
  • SmartRamp technology
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Free app (DreamMapper)
  • Daily progress reports
  • Travel bag included
Philips Respironics was the first ever company to provide commercial CPAP machines and they have stayed ahead of the game throughout the years as technology has advanced and evolved.

The Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP Pro is easily one of the best rated CPAP machine choices available on the market today with lots of helpful features and a user-friendly design.

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The DreamStation is a high-end CPAP machine that boasts a sleek look and highly efficient features that help ensure convenience and compliance with your sleep apnea treatment.

One of the many cool features of the DreamStation is the Bluetooth compatibility. This allows you to easily connect your CPAP machine to your phone for easier monitoring and troubleshooting.

This CPAP machine actually monitors performance throughout the night and provides you with a special daily progress summary.

This helps you keep track of your therapy easily and provides you with peace of mind that the CPAP machine is doing its job consistently while you sleep.

The free mobile app called DreamMapper has many helpful features. The app allows you to set goals, view status reports, provide feedback, and more.

It even features videos with helpful tips and information. All of these things help to enhance your overall CPAP therapy experience.

A large LCD display on the front of the machine is bright and easy to read. The machine even provides you regular reminders to help you remember to replace the filter on your CPAP machine.

Some of the most important technological advances of the DreamStation are the C-Flex+ and SmartRamp technologies.

Both of these things monitor you during sleep and adjust the pressure of the machine. C-Flex+ adjusts for regular exhales in order to make exhalation easier and more comfortable.

SmartRamp detects apnea events and adjusts the pressure in a way that helps to maximize your CPAP therapy benefits without straying from your prescribed level of pressure.

A built-in heated humidifier further increases comfort by helping to prevent dryness that can sometimes be caused by CPAP machines when humidity is too low in the home. This can often occur in Winter.

The DreamStation comes with standard 6’ tubing, one filter, a pre-installed SD card, power supply, power cord, and even a convenient travel bag.

This really is a very high-quality, technologically advanced option that is easily one of the best sleep apnea device choices out there. The only downfall is that it is quite expensive. Although, it is a long-term investment that can often be worth a little more of an upfront cost in exchange for excellent long-term results.

#2 – ResMed AirSense 10 Elite

ResMed AirSense2


ResMed AirSense 10 Elite At A Glance:

  • LCD display auto adjusts lighting
  • Exhalation relief
  • AutoRamp technology
  • Quiet motor
  • Optional pulse oximetry monitoring
  • Built-in heated humidifier
  • Included travel bag
  • Smart Start feature
  • Wireless connectivity
Here is another very popular and high-end CPAP machine. This is the ResMed AirSense 10 Elite. This option actually has a few more features compared to the Philips Respironics DreamStation, but it is also more expensive. In fact, this is actually by far the most expensive CPAP machine that we’ve reviewed.

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Like the DreamStation, the AirSense 10 Elite features technology that will recognize and adjust for exhales to increase comfort and therefore make compliance easier.

It also has AutoRamp that gradually increases the pressure of the machine after you turn it on to, again, increase comfort. The LCD display is easy to read and even adjusts the amount of light it puts off according to the light around it.

Also, like the DreamStation, this CPAP machine includes a built-in heated humidifier that will help prevent irritation due to dryness whenever necessary. Wireless connectivity makes it exceptionally easy to monitor your treatment and even send results to your doctor for easy review.

This helps to guarantee you get the maximum benefits of your CPAP therapy since it becomes clearer anytime that adjustments may need to be made.

One of the more unique features of this impressive CPAP machine is the Smart Start technology. This actually allows you to simply put the mask on and inhale in order to start the machine rather than having to start it manually.

With the AirSense 10 Elite, you also have the option of using pulse oximetry monitoring during your therapy. This can help give more insight into your apnea and your therapy to provide more opportunity for improvement.

The machine also comes with a pre-installed filter, filter cover, power supply, power cord, tubing, and a travel bag. The quiet motor even helps to make CPAP therapy more tolerable for both you and your partner.

There is no denying this ResMed CPAP machine as one of the best CPAP machines out there today.

#3 – Transcend EZEX CPAP Machine

ranscend EZEX CPAP Machine3


Transcend EZEX CPAP Machine At A Glance:

  • Compact size
  • Quiet motor
  • Exhalation relief
  • Universal power adaptor
  • Universal tubing adaptor
  • Solar powered charging option
  • Adjustable ramp
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Built-in heated humidifier
  • Included travel case
The Transcend EZEX CPAP Machine is a more mid-priced CPAP machine that is a good bit more affordable than our previous two picks but still has a ton of great features that make it an excellent choice for many. It is extremely compact making it perfect for travel or regular in-home use.

Like the AirSense 10 Elite, the quiet motor on the EZEX keeps things comfortable and convenient for you and your partner.

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Impressively, even with the small size, this CPAP machine also includes a heated humidifier to prevent drying and irritation due to low humidity levels.

TranSync wireless connectivity allows you to easily store and send data from your therapy that the machine automatically keeps track of.

A useful universal power supply features 4 different power adaptors to ensure you can always use your CPAP machine. The really impressive power option, though, is the ability for this CPAP machine to actually be charged via solar power!

The EZEX does have ramp technology that is adjustable up to 45 minutes. This simply means that you can set it to gradually increase the pressure over a period of time after you fall asleep.

The purpose of this is to increase comfort and tolerability by avoiding hitting you with your full prescribed pressure all at once.

The machine also includes a filter, tubing, a universal tube adaptor, and an actual travel case. This helps keep your machine protected during transport much better than the included travel bags of our previous 2 picks.

Overall, if you travel a lot or you’re just looking to save a little money without sacrificing excellent features, this is the perfect CPAP machine. You should keep in mind, though, that it does not have an LCD display like most choices.

#4 – APEX XT Prime CPAP

APEX XT Prime CPAP with Humidifier4


APEX XT Prime CPAP At A Glance:

  • Compact size
  • Exhalation relief
  • Built-in heated humidifier
  • Built-in power supply
  • Ramp function
  • Low-pressure alarm
  • Alarm clock function
  • Carrying case with shoulder strap
Another excellent compact CPAP machine is the APEX XT Prime. This little CPAP will fit in the palm of your hand. Just like the EZEX from Transcend, this is a great option for travel and at-home use. This choice is a little more affordable than the EZEX but is lacking just a few of the features that the EZEX has.

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This option does not feature wireless connectivity, but instead, it stores data on a pre-installed SD card that is included with your purchase. This is how it is able to report on both efficiency as well as compliance.

Even with its small size, APEX was able to integrate both a heated humidifier as well as a built-in power supply within the design of the XT Prime. The humidifier helps to increase your comfort and prevent dryness or irritation and the power supply provides better convenience.

Like the other choices, there is a ramp function that gradually increases to your prescribed pressure when you first turn the unit on.

It’s also got a PVA pressure relief function that adjusts for your exhales to help create a more comfortable and natural breathing pattern as you sleep.

In addition to a low-pressure alarm, the XT Prime also features a built-in alarm clock function. Unlike the EZEX, this CPAP machine does have a small display located on its user-friendly control panel.

The included carrying case for the XT Prime helps protect it during transport and even has a convenient shoulder strap attached.

#5 – DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Standard CPAP


DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Standard CPAP At A Glance:

  • Ramp feature
  • Quiet motor
  • Mask-off alert
  • Starts with your breath
  • Option to add a humidifier
  • SmartLink and SmartCode tracking
Finally, from DeVilbiss, the IntelliPAP Standard is a perfect, more budget-friendly CPAP option that is simple and efficient. This is our most affordable choice for the best CPAP machines out there. It is actually considerably less than half the cost of our most expensive choice (ResMed AirSense 10 Elite).

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While it is a good CPAP machine for anyone trying to stick to a budget or someone that just prefers to keep things simple, it is definitely missing some of the features that our other top picks have.

For example, this CPAP machine does not have exhalation relief. It will stay at a consistent pressure even during exhalation. While this won’t be a problem for some people, it can be a deal breaker for others.

It also does not include a humidifier like our other picks. Although, you do have the option to purchase a humidifier separately that is easy to install onto the CPAP machine.

The IntelliPAP Standard does have SmartLink and SmartCode technologies. These allow the machine to easily track your therapy and even share the results with your care provider. One really nice feature this machine has is a mask-off alert.

The way the machine works actually shuts the pressure off when you take the mask off. It also starts up the same way as the ResMed AirSense 10 Elite does.

The pressure starts after you breathe into the mask. It might not have all the bells and whistles of some of the pricier options, but the IntelliPAP Standard is a well-made CPAP device that works great at an incredible price.

CPAP Machines Comparison Table

DisplayTechnologySpecial FeaturesCustomer Ratings
Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP Prods_corepack_doorsopen_angled_ckhilg1
Large LCD displayC-Flex+ technologyBluetooth compatible, Daily progress reportsN/A
ResMed AirSense 10 EliteResMed AirSense2

LCD display auto adjusts lightingAutoRamp technologyQuiet motor, Built-in heated humidifier4.0 / 5.0 Stars
Transcend EZEX CPAP Machineranscend EZEX CPAP Machine3

Compact sizeUniversal tubing adaptorQuiet motor, Built-in heated humidifierN/A
APEX XT Prime CPAPAPEX XT Prime CPAP with Humidifier4

Compact sizeRamp functionExhalation relief, Built-in heated humidifierN/A
DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Standard CPAP

Compact sizeRamp featureQuiet motor, Quiet motorN/A

How to Choose Your CPAP Machine

CPAP therapy was first introduced in the 1980s and has come a very long way since. There are now tons of different options with different features and designs.

We’ve carefully sifted through these many choices to bring you detailed reviews of the best CPAP machine options available.

If you go to your doctor looking for snoring solutions or help with things like insomnia, fatigue, or even memory loss; you’re likely to end up with a sleep apnea test. If you do find out you have sleep apnea, you’ll need to explore sleep apnea solutions with your care provider.

best cpap machine guide image

Of the different sleep apnea devices, a CPAP machine is considered the best sleep apnea treatment and your doctor should give you a prescription for one.

That’s where the tricky part kicks in – you’ll need to figure out which CPAP machine is best for you specifically. That’s where we hope to help you!

Not only have we chosen and reviewed the Top-Rated 5 Best CPAP Machines, but we also took the time to put together this handy guide on How to Choose Your CPAP Machine!

Once you realize just how many CPAP machines there are out there with completely different features and designs, you may feel overwhelmed. You’ll probably be wondering what’s the best CPAP machine for your needs.

Just like with CPAP masks and other CPAP supplies, there is no one-size-fits-all option for CPAP machines. The varying features mean that the best option for one person will be completely different for another person.

Below, you can read through some of the most important things you will want to take into consideration when making your decision.

Exhalation Relief

One of the great features that many CPAP machines have is exhalation relief. This is when the CPAP monitors your breathing in order to reduce pressure during exhalation.

The pressure then increases back to your prescription pressure for inhalation. The point of this is to help increase your comfort and create a more natural breathing pattern.

The increased comfort is great for increasing CPAP therapy compliance as well. Many machines have this feature, but not all do. This makes a big difference for some while others may not care either way. This is a decision you have to make for yourself according to what you’re comfortable with.


Another cool inclusion on a lot of CPAP machines is a heated humidifier. Low humidity levels often found in homes, especially during Winter, can cause dryness of the skin. This is especially true when you are using a CPAP machine because of the air pressure.

A humidifier combats this problem by moisturizing the air in the CPAP machine. This prevents dryness and irritation due to lower humidity levels. If you live in a particularly dry environment or are concerned at all about dry skin, it is a good idea to go with an option with the included humidifier.

Power Source

You may want to consider power sources when choosing your CPAP machine. Almost all CPAP machines are able to be plugged into a typical wall outlet.

However, some have other options as well. Some machines can include a built-in power supply that can be charged up for use without being plugged in.

Others must be currently plugged in for them to work. There are CPAP machines that include multiple adaptors and can be powered by USB or other means. One of our recommendations above can even be charged via solar power!

Data Recording

Something that can be very important with your CPAP machine is its data recording abilities. Most CPAP machines are able to record data but the way they do this and the way the data can be transferred varies.

There are now more CPAP machines than ever that have wireless capabilities that allow data to be shared and stored with things like the Cloud. This can make it exceptionally simple to share important information with your care provider.

Some CPAP machines now have Bluetooth compatibility as well. This allows you to access your information in an app on your phone making it even easier to view and share.

Of course, some CPAP machines still simply store data on an SD card that can be removed and placed into a computer for viewing.

These things are mostly about convenience, so you just need to decide how easy you want this information viewing and sharing to be.

Other Features

There are many other slightly more minor features that vary between different CPAP machines. Even so, these can still be relevant and help influence your decision.

So, you may also want to consider the following when choosing your CPAP machine:

Ramp feature

Most CPAP machines have ramp but you should consider automation and adjustability of ramp.


Some CPAP machines are much smaller than others. This can affect convenience and portability.


Many options include a bag or case for travel.


Size and brightness of the display varies with different CPAP machines while some have no display at all.

Starting mechanism

Some machines start manually with a button while others detect your breathing and automatically turn on/off according to that.


If loud noises will bother you and/or your partner, you should look for a quieter CPAP machine.

CPAP Machine and Sleep Apnea FAQs

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a common sleep-related medical condition that causes your body to take pauses in breathing during sleep. It can cause you to get much less sleep and especially less truly restful sleep.

This causes many issues for most sufferers that range from minor to very serious. It is often what causes snoring, insomnia, fatigue, and memory problems. It can also increase the chance of serious events like heart attack and stroke.

 What is a CPAP machine?

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. So, a CPAP machine is basically an air pressure machine designed to treat sleep apnea.

The way that this does this is with a mask that you wear over your mouth and nose. By pushing the positive pressure into your airway, the machine forces your airway to stay open and therefore prevents the pauses in breathing that sleep apnea sufferers are prone to.

How much does a CPAP machine cost?

If you’re wondering how much is a CPAP machine, you’re not alone. Many sleep apnea sufferers worry about sleep apnea machine cost when trying to determine their own best treatment for sleep apnea. The price varies quite a lot but new CPAP machines will generally cost at least a few hundred dollars and sometimes much more.

What is important to remember with this is that when you purchase a CPAP machine, you’re basically buying a sleep machine and sleep is invaluable. Finding your own best sleep apnea machine could transform the way you sleep and even dramatically increase your quality of life.

Which is the best CPAP machine on the market?

No one CPAP machine is going to be the best. Every person is different and sleep apnea causes and symptoms can vary from case to case.

We have helped narrow your choices down, but to figure out what is the best CPAP machine for you, you’ll want to compare the best sleep apnea machine choices and choose the one that you believe will best provide for your needs.

Buyer’s Tips for CPAP Machines

Choosing the right CPAP machine for you is very important to help ensure compliance with your treatment and success with your CPAP therapy.

You want to maximize your comfort and convenience by choosing a CPAP with the features you prefer. Consider how often you may travel to help determine if you need a compact machine with varying power source options.

Noise level is also important to think about since it can drastically affect the way some people sleep. Choosing a great CPAP machine is important, but so is where you purchase it from. Shop around for good deals to help maximize the value of your purchase.

One of our favorite retailers is Cheap CPAP Supplies – an online retailer powered by Aeroflow Healthcare. They are an excellent specialized source where you can get some of the highest quality options for great prices.

Also, remember that CPAP machine reviews are one of the best sources of information available to help you choose your CPAP machine.

They provide insight into real customer experiences with the CPAP machines to help you understand what to really expect with each option. Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect CPAP machine for you to help you get relief from sleep apnea symptoms.

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